ebb + flow

Product Design • Brand Identity • Print

MFA Student Project, Tyler School of Art

Art Direction by Bryan Satalino

Photography by Sam Fritch

Incense burner created in collaboration with Tyler Schrandt.

Ebb + Flow is an incense clock that helps users cultivate a creative workflow. It transforms the traditional incense clock into a 90-minute motivational time-keeper. Creatives working at home can burn incense tailored for motivation, creativity, concentration, and relaxation, which guide the user through their work flow by scent. Ebb + Flow is a modern take on the fragrance clock from the Song Dynasty in ancient China, paired with contemporary research on work productivity methods.

The identity takes on a modern, scientific look, to contrast common associations with incense-users. Sine wave patterns represent the natural ebb and flow in our work productivity as well as scent wafting through the air.

The kit comes with all of the tools to cultivate your workflow, including the porcelain incense burner and tamper, four tubes of powdered incense, a spoon and brush, a box of matches and an instruction manual.

Wells in the box are color-coded with each scent for easy use.

Abstract symbols were designed to create a coding system for the physiological benefits of each incense. These symbols are also represented in the incense burner itself, forming the path along which the incense is burned.