National Association of Broadcasters

Experience Design
Motion Graphics Art Direction
Designed at Bluecadet
Motion Design by Devon Burgoyne & Nick Greenawalt
Design & Art Direction by Alyssa Hamilton
Content Development by Liz Russell
Creative Direction by Aaron Richardson
Project Documentation by Dan King

The National Association of Broadcasters is a trade association representing radio and television broadcasters in the United States. We designed an eye-catching digital display for their lobby headquarters that communicates their mission, brand and key moments in broadcasting history.

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Gore CC Case Study-10.jpg
Product Wall

From apparel to aerospace, an expansive floor-to-ceiling display of 70 product samples offers a powerful visualization of the scale and scope of Gore’s work. The product wall identifies each industry with capacitive text that, when touched, activates dynamic light trails to highlight related products.

Gore CC Case Study-11.jpg
Gore CC Case Study-15.jpg
Gore CC Case Study-13.jpg
Community & Culture

Gore isn’t just defined by their products, but by their people. To share what makes working at Gore special, we produced four videos that capture the distinct talents and diverse perspectives of Gore Associates. A combination of full-scale video portraits, traditional photography, and dynamic graphics helps visitors feel a personal connection to the company.

User Interface

The interface was designed so that Associates can easily choose from any of the four videos to play on an overview tour. The attract screen cycles between short previews of each video.

Gore CC Case Study-1.jpg
Powers of 10 

In the lobby, an ascending arrangement of screens, showing original videos inspired by the classic Eames film “Powers of 10,” hints at the company’s global reach.